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Zhenya Rock


Zhenya is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, guitar virtuoso, songwriter, musical producer, touring musician, composer, and arranger with more than thirty years of performing and recording experience.  He has built a reputation as one of the best live performers and guitarists of his generation. He is a fearless, and true master to create sound right on-stage using loop station by layering sounds he produces right in front of you.  He is one of the founders and lead guitarist of the band Red Elvises until 2004. In 2004 he left the band and start electric-Roma (Gypsy) ethno-rock band Flying Balalaika Brothers. 

Nadia Chechet


Надя Чечет (Nadia Chechet) (Нью Йорк, США) - кроссовер - певица и композитор русского происхождения, автор песен, преподаватель и автор тематических вокальных мастерклассов, сессионная вокалистка для Output, официальный артист, представляющий американский звукозаписывающий лейбл "Силвер Ган Рекордс" ( Silver Gun Records - Лос Анджелес, США), выпускница знаменитого Berklee College of Music, обладательница престижного гранта и официальной премии Беркли "За вокальные достижения". Надя обучалась вокалу у таких всемирно известных педагогов, как Donna McElroy, Gabrielle Goodman, Lisa Thorson, Christiane Karam, а также брала уроки вокала у всемирно известных Lizz Wright и Bobby McFerrin.

Репертуар Нади Чечет очень эклектичен и представляет собой яркий пример стиля кроссовер - авторские песни на русском и английском языках, французский шансон, джаз, блюз, рнб и госпел, а также народное горловое пение и даже бардовская песня.

Надя поёт на английском, французском, русском, белорусском, украинском и испанском языках.

Bex Nicholes


BEX NICHOLES Beloved is a Portland-based musician and songwriter, who brings heartfelt violin and vocals to their group Symbiotica and their band Heirloom, as well as their own solo recordings. Their background in Celtic music and free improvisation colors their explorations of violin expression. They are a storyteller at heart, and their upcoming album Lux showcases the search for light in times of doubt.

Donn Allard

Donn Allard.jpg

DONN ALLARD -  Country Singer.

Playing many of the 70's & 80's hits by such folks as Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, The Oak ridge Boys, and....Well, you get the idea.

Country is a genre of popular music that originated with blues, church music such as Southern gospel and spirituals, old-time, and American folk music forms including Appalachian, Cajun, Creole, and the cowboy Western music styles of New Mexico, Red Dirt, Tejano, and Texas country.

Irina Myachkin


IRINA MYACHKIN is a singer-songwriter based in Portland. In her songs, she reflects on dreams, social change, and her life as an indie musician in the modern reality. Her songs’ topics vary from inspirational to life observations to love affairs, of course!

Influenced by John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Queen, Lana del Rey, Johny Cash, Frank Sinatra, and others, Irina pays much attention to the lyrics and melodies. The words naturally and artfully entwine with suitable tunes. At her shows, only one or a few instruments surround the voice to preserve the rawness and awaken one's inner world.

Michael Pastushkov


MICHAEL PASTUSHKOV is a guitarist, composer, singer and author. Most of his songs are in the traditions of Russian rock. "Flight over the World" is a musical journey made of the author's songs, rhymes and stories performed acoustically.


Michael was born in Perm, Russia where he played in various bands in the 80-90s. In1997 he moved to Kansas City and then California in 2011 where he is working in his studio. Michael is performing for Russian-speaking audiences across the country.


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